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Bamboo Socks Chessboard #BlueSquaredBlues


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We were moving a queen across the board and thought never mind checkmate in two moves, what about a chessboard. And here we are. Little blue squares of bamboo delight!


Supremely comfortable, almost like walking on air. No seriously! These represent top of the line quality/comfort and of course value. They are made with 2 threads of yarn on a 200 Needle machine – in other words premium quality with a heavier weight. The navy colour works very well in jeans, shorts or even a suit. Made from bamboo, we have reinforced the toe and heel to give a super soft feel and thickness to give one of the best socks in the world! Bamboo is thermo regulating, so ideal for summer or winter and as naturally antibac, will keep smells at bay.


All Products Designed & Tested In UK


87% Bamboo / 11% Nylon / 1% Polyester / 1% Elastane


Sensory Info

Fit: Standard

Softness: Supreme Soft Bamboo Thick With Silicone wash

Seamless/Flat Seam: Yes

Length: Standard Crew

Internal Design Threads: Yes

Terry Sole: No

Suitability: Suitable For Most Sensory Wearers


Washing & Care

We produce the highest quality of socks at cracking value.  To take extra care of your socks, you can keep these few things in mind:

– All packaging includes specific instructions to your product. In general, 40 degrees is the standard temperature to wash.

– Wash the socks turned inside out

– We recommend air-drying to extend the life of the sock, but you can tumble dry on low. Do not over dry (this is what leads to holes)

– Do not bleach

– Fold. don’t roll (rolling them into balls can distort their shape)

– Sock gnomes take great delight in stealing just one sock. Keep them safe as we do not put trackers in them if they get lost.

Weight 80 g
Dimensions 27 × 9 × 1 cm


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Bamboo Socks Chessboard #BlueSquaredBlues

You need extra 895 Points for getting this product for free