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Did You know?

Did you know that one of the most asked for items by the homeless is socks? And did you know we make & LOVE socks? The British Legion estimated that there are currently over 6,000 homeless veterans in the UK, though other estimates run higher at more than double this. It made us think how we could help….



Our Mission

We want to ensure that every rough sleeper in the UK has been given a free pair of our special tough anti bacterial socks. So the more socks you purchase from us, the quicker we can support those in need. 


How we are doing this

We are currently working with to supply durable specially made “Never Give Up” socks for those unfortunate to be sleeping rough. Hope for Food is a local charity based in Bournemouth set up and run entirely by Volunteers. The organisation was founded by Claire Matthews in 2012 with the aim of providing life’s basic essentials on a day to day basis to people in need of help due to the current economic climate. 


Hope for Food’s mission is to assist men, women and children in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, who are either homeless or living in poverty, by providing fresh food at our soup kitchens and hampers of food, good quality clothing, bedding and household goods, where needed. 


Our Progress To Date

We have donated over 1,000 specially made homeless socks to date, mainly in time for Christmas each year. In addition to this, we also donate our samples to ensure our wastage is kept to a minimum. 



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